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Protechnika News Protechnika’s waste stripper helps process waste at MPGKiM Slawno

Protechnika’s waste stripper helps process waste at MPGKiM Slawno

The waste management plant of a municipal company from Slawno in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship has been successfully using a bag ripper supplied by Protechnika for several years. The decision to use such a machine in a small plant. serving several municipalities, was influenced by many factors. We invite you to read more in the nationwide bi-monthly trade magazine Municipal Technology.

Protechnika’s bag openers are used as the first component of process lines. These devices are used for opening, emptying the contents and transferring them to a conveyor belt. The design makes it possible to tear and empty bags of waste of different sizes. Thus processed, unshredded materials are evenly distributed on receiving conveyors. It is possible to change the parameter of the shredder as to length, width and height. The possibility of changes is to increase the capacity of the buffer, increase the efficiency of the device, as well as to adapt the device to the background of the loading equipment.

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