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Protechnika Products Ballistic separator

Ballistic separator

Ballistic separator

Product description

A ballistic separator is a device used on the lines of a technological lines in a waste sorting plant to separate waste in terms of in terms of their structure and morphology.

The separator is placed on legs with adjustable. The housing includes an inspection door. In interior of the chamber screening segments are installed. The device is driven by geared motors powered by electric motors. The material intended for separation is delivered to the chamber separator by means of a belt conveyor (not included in the separator), from which it enters the separation zone.

The movement carried out by screening elements causes loosening of the material thanks to which 2D light fraction is transported to the upper part of the device, and then dumped onto the receiving conveyor, the 3D fraction, residues with dimensions smaller than the holes in the screening elements screening elements (size to be agreed at the order stage) are picked up by the belt conveyor.

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Technical data of the ballistic separator
Total length of the separator7475 mm
Total width of the separator3260 mm
Working length of the separator (screening bar):5600 mm
Screening working area14,4 m2
Separator capacityup to 80 m3/h
Installed drive power11 kW
Electric power supply3 x 400 VAC + N + PE, 50 Hz
Speed controlYes
Within the range0-220 rpm
Device function descriptionDivision of the fed waste stream
Fr. 80-340 mm into heavy – hard – rolling – 3D fraction,
light – soft – flat – 2D and sifting of fractions of about 40 mm
Type of captured waste, division into fractions2D, 3D,
ca. 40 mm (sifting size depends on customer requirements)


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