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Protechnika Products Bag bursting machine

Bag bursting machine

Bag bursting machine

Product description

Bag bursting machine Protechnika’s bag ripers are used as the first element of technological lines. These devices are used for tearing, emptying of bags and transferring their contents by conveyor belt.

The design allows tearing and emptying bags with waste of different sizes, without disturbing their contents. Processed in this way, the unshredded materials have dimensions suitable for further further sorting process. The ripper allows for a wide application possibilities at the design and installation stage.

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Technical data of the bag ripper
Materialmixed municipal waste
selectively collected waste
Capacity5.0 – 30.0 t/hour
Dimensions8 x 2.3 x 2.6m
Electrical power15- 30,0 + 2,3 + 1,0 kW
Capacityelectronically controlled
Blockages/cloggingMonitored, automatically detected, with 3 attempts to remove the blockage automatically, with materials
unacceptable due to dimensions or type, automatic signal for manual removal
Feeding system optionswith its own material feeding system (chain conveyor, steel plate conveyor or moving floor)
And a loading hopper above the floor
without its own material feeding system as an additional device in sorting and recycling lines
Between two conveyors
Optionselevating working head
material feeding system in the form of a hopper equipped with a feeding conveyor belt at its bottom


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