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Protechnika Services Bending on CNC-controlled press brakes

Bending on CNC-controlled press brakes

Sheet metal bending is a form of processing that is widely used in many fields of industry. That is why we offer one of the most modern methods of sheet metal forming using the highest class of numerically controlled press brakes.

The use of this technology ensures high precision, minimizes the risk of error and allows us to maintain a range of tolerances on the linear and angular dimensions of the bend. Thanks to it, we ensure serial repeatability of manufactured elements. Bending of steel and other sheets causes the material to lose its elasticity, but at the same time retains its physical properties – it is resistant to stretching, its thickness and transverse dimensions do not change.

Deformation can be carried out only up to a certain value. Too much pressure causes damage and tearing of the structure. Hence the type of processing should be matched to the specific metal and its strengthWe carry out sheet metal bending using press brakes with very high accuracy. Bending on CNC machines guarantees the expected level of repeatability of bent elements, while at the same time allows bending complex shapes. Two presses allow us to bend thin and thick high-strength metal sheets (Hardox, Strenx, Docol).


Yawei PBH 250-3100

  • Pressure of 250 tons
  • Length up to 3100 mm

Yawei PBH 630-4100

  • Pressure 630 tonnes
  • Length up to 4100 mm

Technological capabilities

  • Bending of components with complex shapes
  • Full repeatability of dimensions and bending angles
  • Large inventory of tools

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