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Protechnika Products RDF/SRF Belt dryer

RDF/SRF Belt dryer

RDF/SRF Belt dryer

Product description

Recycling and energy recovery from waste and biomass are an increasingly important important element in waste management, as well as in the global energy supply.

Our low-temperature dryer for waste is the ideal solution for the pretreatment of RDF / SRF, municipal solid waste, biomass and sewage sludge. The unit’s operating temperature ranges from 65 ÷ 85˚C, which guarantees safety and eliminates the risk of fire.

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Technical data of the RDF/SRF belt dryer
sewage sludge
Capacity1,0 – 40,0 t/h
Input moisture content35% for RDF (max. up to 85%)
Output moisture content15% for RDF (max. up to 3%)
Water evaporation0,3 – 18,0 t/h
Drying area up to 306 m2
Module dimensionsL 20,5 x W 9,0 x H 4,5 m
Electrical powerfrom 125.0 to 640 kW
Thermal powerfrom 2.2 to 16.8 MWc
Exhaust fansup to 8 pcs.


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