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Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a controlled process used to change the microstructure of materials such as metals and alloys to obtain properties that extend the life of the component, for example, increasing surface hardness, temperature resistance, ductility and strength.

PROTECHNIKA offers a wide range of heat treatment services. Our facility can process a wide variety of component sizes to exacting standards for reliable, repeatable results. Our operations are managed by the best engineers in the industry, with the experience and skills to provide reliable support and a true understanding of customer requirements. Our comprehensive range of services by leveraging experience, knowledge, capabilities and resources, allows us to meet changing customer requirements and needs for efficiency, reliability and sustainable business growth.

As part of our heat treatment services, we offer:

  • Vacuum heat treatment,
  • Induction hardening
  • Conventional hardening in oil.
  • Carburizing


Vacuum heat treatment

  • Working dimension D1200 x H1200mm
  • Working temperature 1280°C
  • Batch weight : 2000kg gross
  • Vacuum carburizing – liquid carburizing agent

Induction hardening

  • Power 50 – 250 kW
  • Diameters of hardened shafts 30 – 500 mm
  • Height of hardened parts 20 – 1000 mm
  • Diameter of hardened circles using the enveloping method 50 – 500 mm
  • Diameter of hardened wheels by tooth-by-tooth method up to 900 mm

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