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Protechnika Products Horizontal baler with perforator

Horizontal baler with perforator

Horizontal baler with perforator

Product description

Protechnika’s horizontal channel balers are used for in the compaction of large-volume raw materials. In particular are dedicated for use in the municipal and recycling industries.

This baler is available in a variety of applications and accessories additional equipment, which allows the device to be fully integrated into functioning processes. Perforator manufactured by Protechnik is used for pre-shredding of various types of materials, which at a further stage of the recycling process can be baled or compressed e.g. in stationary presses. This perforator increases efficiency in the baling process by pre-crushing the waste (e.g. PET bottles) or in the version with an upper milling shaft the perforator becomes a shredder (e.g. cardboard waste) destroying the material irretrievably.

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Baler specifications

Technical data of the baler
Crushing force800kN/80T
Main drive15÷60 kW
Capacity1.5÷12.0 varies depending on material
Inlet opening1665 x 986 mm Automatic
1500 x 1050 mm
Bale dimensions760 x 1050 x 800 / 1200 (adjustable)
Bale density450 – 500 kg/m3
Bale weightca. 450-550kg, depending on the material
Binding systemHorizontal, 4-fold Automatic, Manual.
Channel adjustment selection of press settings3-way, Hydraulic
Automatic, With closed channel Semi-automatic
Hydraulic systemoil cooler, oil heating
ControllerSPS-Siemens-S7 with touch screen
Weight15000kg Automatic
8000kg Semi-automatic

Performer specification

Performer technical data
MaterialPET bottles
household chemical packaging (PET, PP, PE, PVC)
cardboard packaging
Capacity2,5 t/h
Dimensions of working part900 x 750 mm
Dimensions1050 x 1500 x 950 mm
Power2 x 5,5 kW
Weight900 kg

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