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Protechnika Products RDF/SRF Briquetting machine – BM Series

RDF/SRF Briquetting machine – BM Series

RDF/SRF Briquetting machine – BM Series

Product description

Reducing the quantity and volume of solid waste is a key issue in with regard to waste management. The innovative technology densification technology, which is a patented solution from Protechnika, is the Europe’s only solution for low-cost compaction of the fraction of supernatant fraction, as well as whitewater fraction with simultaneous possibility of management of dewatered sewage sludge, the management of which management is also problematic.

Compaction technology BM allows the processing of a wide range of waste materials with low density. The costs of the thickening technologies used to date based on available conventional technologies such as pelletizing and pelletizing are disproportionately high in relation to the developed by our Company.

For comparison, the cost of methods used methods used so far is at the level of PLN 150/m3 with a bulk density of about 450 kg/m3. The level of costs when using BM technology technology results in costs at the level of 30 PLN/m3 at a bulk density of 650 kg/m3. density of 650 kg/m3.

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Technical data of the BM75EX and BM110EX briquetting presses
Capacity1.5 t/h do 3 t/h*2.5 t/h do 5 t/h*
Die drive75 kW110 kW
Installed power95 kW170 kW
Heating systemYesYes
Number of die segments60 pcs88 pcs
Number of rollers22
Diameter of rollers400 mm400 mm
Weight6500 kg10000kg
Dimensions3380 / 1750 / 2030 [mm]3630 / 2000 / 2270 [mm]
Size of granules32 x 32 x long spice [mm]32 x 32 x long spice [mm]

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