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Rozdrabniacze mobilny M&J
Protechnika Shredders M&J Recykling

Shredders M&J Recykling

Stationary pre-shredders

The company’s waste shredding technology is based on a combination of an open shredding table combined with knives with very aggressive blades and. Thanks to the above idea and proven technological solutions, our shredders achieve above-average performance, especially in difficult applications.

Thoughtful design and the use of only the highest-quality materials make our machines exceptionally resistant to wear, even in the case of very difficult waste.

Final shredders

Second-stage shredders are designed for final shredding of waste. With their help, material is prepared for recycling or the incineration process.

The EtaFineShred® range of final shredders includes single-shaft and double-shaft shredders with capacities up to 30 t/h (for 10-80mm fractions).

Mobile pre-shredders

Mobile waste shredders combine powerful power and high mobility. These machines have their own drive and three different chassis versions. The basic variant is a three-axle semi-trailer, which can be transported on public roads with an ordinary truck tractor. For work in difficult terrain, we offer a shredder on a tracked chassis. It is also possible to order the machine on a frame equipped with rollers for transport on paved ground and on a trailer chassis.

All mobile shredders have solutions adapted from stationary machines:

  • Asynchronous drive of the shredding shafts
  • Open shredding table
  • Knives, counter knives and hopper liners made of Hardox 500 alloy
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Magnetic separator (optional)

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