Protechnika develops, manufactures and markets machines and solutions for the environmentally friendly and sustainable processing of municipal waste. Reliability is our promise and the essence of our brand; all our products and services are developed to achieve optimum outputs.

Driven by innovation and with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we are able to meet daring challenges and develop machines and solutions tailored to the needs and processes of our clients. Our problem-solving expertise, our innovation capabilities, commitment to service and a focus on quality allows us to develop and produce low operating costs machinery that offer unrivalled efficiencies and fantastic returns on their investment.

Our extensive range of machines and solutions handles all types of waste from plastic, wood, metal, rubber, biomass, RDF, SRF to dry sewage sludge and include the following: RDF briquetting machines; disk sieves; perforators; air and magnetic separators; mills; single, double and four shaft crushers; screw and tape conveyors; bio-fuels production equipment; granulators; choppers; pellet coolers; cyclones and more.
In addition, we are a leading manufacturer of industrial knives used in the process of waste shredding, production of alternative fuels and recycling. We manufacture crown knives, fixed and movable counter-blades, knives for multi-shaft grinders, sieves, machine accessories (screws, knife clamps, knife holders, knife carriers). 

Committed to the continued development of new products and innovations, Protechnika is currently expanding its operations with the construction and development of a new production plan which will contribute to the expansion of our portfolio.

We look forward to working with you.

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