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Concentration technology | RDF |briquetting – pelleting


Innovative RDF / SRF compaction technology. This patented solution, developed by Grzegorz Kowalczyk, owner of Protechnika, is the only European patent for low-cost compaction of sieve and sub-sieve fractions with the simultaneous possibility of managing drained sewage sludge. The costs of the RDF / SRF compaction technology used to date based on available conventional technologies (granulation) are disproportionately high compared to the technology developed by Protechnika. We are continuing to further optimize our production costs, which are already surprisingly advantageous compared to existing ones. With conventional technology the compaction cost is around PLN 120 / 1Mg, while our technological innovation brings the cost down to about PLN 20/1 Mg.

Furthermore, the fuel does not require special storage conditions which results with a lower transport cost. The above technology is successfully used on an industrial scale, since the end of last year, in an installation in the province Pomeranian. The obtained product is reproducible and obtains a density of 650 kg / 1 m3.

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